August 1, 2015

Creator Of MindFlavors®

Carl Hunter ~ Creator Of MindFlavors® 

What inspired the invention of this revolutionary life-changing technology?

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“Activating new neural pathways in your brain using the MindFlavors® technology is the single most important thing you can do to unlock higher powers of your subconscious mind and quickly get rid of limiting mental patterns so you can easily manifest what you love.

My dream is to free everyone from limited thinking so we can fully awaken our true potential!”

Carl Hunter

The creator of MindFlavors® is Carl Hunter, an artist and entrepreneur from New York City.  He began the self development journey as a young child by seeking ways to improve his own behavior in order to get better results in all areas of his life.

He started pursuing it seriously in 1987 when he discovered a powerful method to reprogram his own subconscious mind.

This led to him achieving his dreams by the age of 31, of traveling around the world, getting into the diamond business, and moving to the Virgin Islands, where he spent almost 10 years enjoying the tropical island life before moving to New York City to pursue his art career.

Carl On Beach 01

Carl has shared some of these powerful methods with others who have used them to change their lives in significant ways, like winning political elections, winning golf tournaments, winning in school elections, having improved love relationships, successfully starting and growing a booming business, becoming a top sales person, attracting more abundance, having more self confidence, sleeping better, and much more.

Since the day he made these discoveries, Carl Hunter has always been passionate about sharing them with the world.  

The benefit of exercise to our physical bodies is well known and widely accepted in society today, but how do we best exercise our minds for maximum potential gain and exponential personal evolution, with minimal effort?  He repeatedly asked himself this question.

In early 2015, while continuing to pursue faster and more powerful methods for transformation and expansion, Carl discovered some ancient power secrets.  Using these new found ideas, he invented and developed a brand new technology that has trumped all of his previous techniques for harnessing the tremendous power of our subconscious minds.

For years now Carl has worked incessantly to refine this new technology that is revolutionizing the way people focus and manifest. He uses a synergistic approach combining his new breakthrough discoveries with the most effective modalities of positive mind conditioning known today, to continually evolve this breakthrough MindPower Acceleration Technology™ called MindFlavors®.