August 15, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for a MindFlavors® video to begin working?

A: Literally 4 minutes.

Q: How can it possibly begin working so fast?

A: As you are watching a MindFlavors® video, starting from the very first time, the sound frequencies are organizing your thought patterns while the visuals are creating new neural pathways in your brain based on this new organized thinking.

Q: Is there any rhyme or reason to the way the MindFlavors® videos are constructed?

A: Definitely! Each and every thing you see and hear, and many that you don’t see or hear, are guiding you along a path that has been carefully designed to take you through a very thorough process for complete transformation from many different angles. Everything is deliberate and serves a purpose. A MindFlavors® video is super concentrated like nitro glycerin. That’s why you can experience such profound results in only 4 minutes.

Q: What is best for me to be thinking and doing while I am watching a MindFlavors® video?

A: The best thing to do is follow along with the subtle instructions going on in the video. Be sure to keep breathing consistently throughout the entire 4 minutes and keep your feet on the ground, which keeps you in your body.

While you are focusing on the center, allow your mind to see all the many shapes and configurations of changing shapes and colors flashing first slowly, then rapidly on the screen. Feel into this. Really enjoy it! It’s like a brain massage. Allow it to rewire the neural pathways. You are clearing out the cob webs and laying a new, more advanced and solid foundation for your immediate advancement.

When the words come up on the screen, allow your imagination to see into a new future that aligns with the best possible interpretation of these words. Feel into this as well. Each day you allow your imagination to grow and dream up new and better possibilities.

Q: Can I watch a MindFlavors® video using a TV or computer system with stereo speakers and still receive the same benefits without using stereophonic headphones?

A: Yes you can, however for maximum and best results, watch MindFlavors® videos open full screen and use stereophonic headphones to separate the sound from right ear to left ear. There is also a synergistic effect from combining the visual and the audio stimuli simultaneously.

Q: How many times a day can I watch a MindFlavors® video?

A: You can watch MindFlavors® videos as often as you’d like. However, once or twice a day is more than enough to achieve remarkable results in any area of your life. It is also good to give your mind a rest between sessions to allow the changes to settle in. You will see that the pace of life picks up very quickly once you start watching.

Q: When are the best times to watch MindFlavors® videos?

A: The absolute 2 best times to watch MindFlavors® videos are right after you awaken in the morning, and just before you go to sleep at night. If you make it a habit to take 4 minutes in the morning, and 4 minutes at night you might be surprised at how quickly things can change.

Q: Can I watch MindFlavors® videos on my phone or tablet?

A: Yes, you can still get the benefits even on your small screen devices. In fact a good amount of people have been reporting that they get even better and more powerful results by watching on their cell phones or smaller devices. However, it is important to use stereo headphones or earphones to get the benefit of the brainwave entrainment and other audio aspects used to facilitate right/left brain integration.

Q: Can I watch MindFlavors® videos while I am driving or operating machinery, or doing anything that requires my attention?

A: No! Absolutely not! Watching a MindFlavors® video puts your mind into an altered state of consciousness and makes you feel very relaxed. This is not the time to be multi-tasking or doing anything that requires cognitive functioning. This is your meditation time, your time you are investing in yourself. Dedicate this 4 minutes to yourself each time you do it and make sure that you are in a safe, relaxing, uninterrupted space for the duration.

Q: The words go too fast and sometimes I can’t read them all. Will it still be effective?

A: Absolutely yes! Of course, the more you engage your imagination the greater your results will be. However, even if you simply gaze into the video and follow along on a regular basis, it will have significant beneficial effect because there are many different levels of positive conditioning occurring simultaneously, through a scientific combination of highly effective, synergistic “mind optimizing” methods.

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