How to shape reality in 4 minutes

Here’s how to shape reality in 4 minutes. Quantum physics now explains that reality is made up of information built on a specific universal code that can be changed and rearranged through individual consciousness. So reality can be very different for each person depending on their focus both conscious and unconscious. A New Way To Read more about How to shape reality in 4 minutes[…]

Watching MindFlavors® on your cell phone?

How does watching a MindFlavors® on your cell phone work?  Or does it work at all? So far the response we’ve been getting from cell phone watchers is that they seem to be experiencing even better and stronger results from watching MindFlavors® on a smaller screen, ie. a cell phone! I find it very interesting. Although, in Read more about Watching MindFlavors® on your cell phone?[…]

Diamonds Trigons and Sacred Geometry

Why Diamonds, Trigons, and Sacred Geometry? Since a very young age I was fascinated with diamonds, gemstones and crystals for their beauty and energy.  As time went on, I became drawn to them for their metaphysical transformational properties, most particularly when applied to personal development and the healing arts. In my early twenties circumstances led me into Read more about Diamonds Trigons and Sacred Geometry[…]