Why do we do what we do?

MindFlavors™ brain-power3Another question is, “Why do we repeat habits over and over again, even if they bring us pain?”  This was rolling around in my head as a young child.

So I began making charts tracking my behavior.  I figured if I could keep seeing it on paper every night I would remember to modify my behavior the way I desired in the moment of the behavior, rather than realizing it after the fact and feeling bad because, “Oh, I did it again”.

In the beginning it was tough and I would kind of beat myself up when I didn’t stick with my plan.  Then after a while I started to change.  It was gradual and difficult to maintain but I did see change occur.

It was encouraging at the time but not enough to satisfy me.  I always felt like there was a better and faster way.  Those were the early days of my journey on this road.

Years went by, but I never gave up on my belief that I could somehow find that “magic genie”.

And then one day, someone gave me information out of the blue that changed my life.  I had found the answer as to why it was so difficult to change habits.  It was the neural pathways of limited thinking that had developed in my brain and been reinforced over and over again through my childhood experiences.

I learned how beliefs developed at an early age as a result of emotional interpretations of circumstances and events, actually become the framework of our life experiences.

I started learning about the power of our subconscious minds and how much it controls, but most importantly, I learned the key to opening up the doorway to this well protected treasure of power.

I decided I would take this new information and explore it to new levels.  I decided I would become a master at programming my mind.  I learned how to consciously and deliberately input new commands into my subconscious mind in a way that it would accept it as truth and adopt it as my new reality.  This was HUGE and my life has never been the same since!!!

Fast forward to today and you can see the next generation of mind expanding technology I have developed and perfected for everyone to enjoy.  It all started when we were children and for most people it never changes.

That was until now.

Enjoy better living today with MindFlavors®



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