What Is Brainwave Entrainment And How Does It Effortlessly Optimize Your Mind?

MindFlavors™ Brain Images visual-Brainwave Entrainment is one of the most effective methods to align your brainwave patterns and optimize your mind.  It works by using special sound-waves to gently cause your brainwaves to line up and match; and then moving you into deeper states of awareness by gradually slowing down the frequency.

There are different sound-waves that have varying effects on the alignment of your brainwaves.  The difference in wave-form determines how strong the CER (cortical evoked response – the brain’s reaction to the stimulus and ultimately the level of brain wave entrainment) will be.

Some wave-forms are more subtle and produce less results or take longer to produce results; while others are more effective and can produce almost immediate benefits.  MindFlavors® utilizes the most effective type of brainwave entrainment wave-forms in order to produce the best possible benefits for you.

Mind PowerWhy is this important?

Success is achieved in organized thought.

When your brain is running optimally in organized thought, things flow more smoothly and automatically because you are functioning at a significantly higher level.  Your brain is doing much more than we are aware of consciously, and when it is properly tuned and integrated, it runs like a turbo charged super computer on steroids!

Once your mind is in an optimized state, we can more effectively bring about change by creating new neural pathways that are associated with new and more powerful ways of thinking, through a specific form of visual stimulation.  You feel better because you begin moving through life and not staying stuck.  You naturally think in new ways and automatically re-route your thinking to produce successful outcomes.

MindFlavors® was designed to take you into this optimized state, and begin rewiring your brain all within 4 minutes.

That was unheard of until now!

Keep in mind that even though brainwave entrainment is highly effective when using the right wave-forms, it is only one of the many ways that MindFlavors® brings you into alignment with your desires.

Are you looking for positive change in your life?

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