Watching MindFlavors® on your cell phone?

MF Cell PhoneHow does watching a MindFlavors® on your cell phone work?  Or does it work at all?

So far the response we’ve been getting from cell phone watchers is that they seem to be experiencing even better and stronger results from watching MindFlavors® on a smaller screen, ie. a cell phone!

I find it very interesting. Although, in this world of constantly experimenting, testing and tweaking it is quite common to find unexpected and sometimes even pleasant unexpected results.

My theory is two fold.

First, I believe that the smaller screen causes a person to focus more, while still seeing the big picture. Secondly, it is easier to see the full complexities of the shapes and configurations that are stimulating your brain to create the new neural pathways.

I find that the more I pay attention to the multitude of different configurations appearing on the screen, the more my mind is stimulated and opened up for progress. It feels to me that the deeper I get into these configurations, the more my brain activity is increased, and on a more advanced level.

Even though I don’t have scientific data on this theory, it feels like that is what is happening when I do it. I encourage you to try it and decide for yourself. You can make it like a game to see how many different combinations of shapes you can see emerging on the screen, particularly while the faster speeds are engaged.

Size of the screen doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to watching MindFlavors® and seeing results.  In fact it appears to become even more powerful as it gets smaller. I’m sure there is a point of diminishing return, however a smart phone seems to be an ideal size.

Again, it makes sense that a person can potentially absorb and process more on a smaller screen because of the all-encompassing perspective.  The only other crucial ingredient, besides a smart phone and 4 uninterrupted minutes, is the use of stereo headphones or earphones with your cell phone.

Now, with MindFlavors® you can always have your revolutionary new brain enhancement tool with you everywhere you go… right in the palm of your hands!

Enjoy better living today with MindFlavors®



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