How to shape reality in 4 minutes

Here’s how to shape reality in 4 minutes.

Quantum physics now explains that reality is made up of information built on a specific universal code that can be changed and rearranged through individual consciousness. So reality can be very different for each person depending on their focus both conscious and unconscious.

A New Way To Manifest Your Goals

MindFlavors® technology is the practical application of this universal code that makes up reality in your day to day experience. It is a tool (a 4 minute video) that you can use to shape your own reality and get what you desire. It happens naturally through concentrating your focus on your intention while you are watching it.

In only 4 minutes you are amplifying your intention into the quantum field, bending the code of reality, and shaping it to your design. Whatever you intend with your thoughts and feelings while you are watching MindFlavors® becomes your newly created experience of reality.

Experiment with it yourself. Watch it all unfold before your eyes. MindFlavors® is like a mental magic wand.

What Is Reality?

Watch this video and learn the newly discovered universal code that is the construct of reality. Pause the video at 7:38 and notice the symbols you see as she is talking about a “language” or “code” made out of geometry that is potentially the make up of reality.

Programming your mind to get what you desire

Watch the MindFlavors® morning video to set the tone and intention for your day. As you go through your day see how things naturally align with your focus. Then watch the MindFlavors® evening video just before going to bed to program your intention into your subconscious mind for automatic results tomorrow. It’s amazing to watch it happen … almost like magic.

Watching MindFlavors® videos is how to shape reality in 4 minutes using your own mind power.

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