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MindFlavors® Infinity - Enjoying Ideal Body Weight
All MindFlavors® products are digital downloads available for you to use immediately!  Each product includes one (1) revolutionary MindFlavors® video and the Quick Start Guide to get you started on the right track.  Enjoy the journey!  IMPORTANT:   Because of the strobe-like effects in this product, those who are epileptic should not use MindFlavors®.

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Are you tired of the weight-loss roller coaster?

 It's EASY to achieve your ideal body-weight when you use your unconscious mind-power! 

➤➤➤  With MindFlavors® "Enjoying Ideal Body Weight" you can:

Be free of the weight-loss struggle
* Naturally become your ideal body-weight
* Re-set your internal self-image
* Align your thinking for ideal body-weight  
* Align your actions for ideal body-weight

* Feel peaceful, safe and loved
* See yourself as powerful and confident
* Naturally feel like exercising
* Look great and feel fulfilled
* Become the best version of you

These are the powerful new neural pathways created in your brain when you watch the revolutionary new MindFlavors® Infinity 2.0 video called "Enjoying Ideal Body Weight".

➤➤➤  Why is MindFlavors® so powerful... and so unique?

80% of your success in anything is mindset... and more importantly... 95% of mindset is UNCONSCIOUS!

Our unconscious belief structure controls 95% of our behavior on auto-pilot and is built on distorted, childhood interpretations about life that are often self-limiting.  Because of this, most of us have unconscious blocks that hold us back, even if we have developed great skills and acquired education.

These unconscious beliefs can manifest in many different ways that block us from having what we desire.  But it’s not really our fault.  We can blame the old inefficient neural pathways in our brains that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging and keeping us stuck.

This is why trying to change habits and outcomes with your will-power alone (that other 5%) is such a challenge.  It’s also why most people get frustrated and usually give up and quit.  The odds are stacked against you 95 to 5.  But it doesn’t have to be that way . . . NOT ANY MORE!

With MindFlavors® you can easily begin aligning and having your desires . . . very quickly . . . and it's fun!

You can do things the hard way
(using conscious will-power)

or the smart way!
(using subconscious mind-power)

MindFlavors® is a revolutionary new personal development technology that immediately taps into your subconscious mind, breaks up old limiting neural pathways and thought patterns, and quickly creates new ones . . . so you can easily achieve and enjoy long lasting success in your results.

MindFlavors® is definitely not like anything you've ever seen or experienced before . . . PERIOD!!! 
NOTE:  Also . . . most people say that it quickly eliminates the negative mind-chatter in their head.

All of this happens automatically as you watch a colorful, relaxing 4 minute video twice a day, and hand write one super powerful sentence just before going to sleep.   It's quick . . . it's easy . . . and it works!

➤➤➤  Take your MindFlavors® with you everywhere you go!

Watch MindFlavors® daily on any of the following:

   smart phone
   video enabled devices

 Begin seeing everything around you naturally shift to your desired new reality. 

➤➤➤  See what people are saying about MindFlavors®

Actor & Professional Dancer

“Hey I had to share with u, so I start teaching indoor cycling n vegas next week multiple classes. In addition, I film 5 more local vegas commercial spots tmrw, my national commercial just came out and hoping for residuals$$$, had an audition today for a great paying week long gig and started a new art biz project! Things are really taking off and it’s been 1 month! Starting this year with a bang thx to MindFlavors®!!!” UPDATE AFTER ONE YEAR: “Can I just share with u, from your MindFlavors®, I set a monthly income goal about a year ago and I’ve been hitting this goal since last fall and I wanted to thank u for introducing me to MindFlavors®!!! Hope u are well! I’m buying a house and adding a 4th dog to my family!”
~ Amber Strauser

Retired Police Detective

30 Day Update: “It had a really powerful effect in the very very first day I used it. It took me into what I would call a deep meditative state, something that would often take me many many minutes to even hours to obtain. It did it in the 4 minutes which was pretty profound for me. I really enjoyed it… For my personal testimonial I would say that this is a pretty unique thing. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it, not even close really. I enjoyed it and I believe that I got a really strong result from it, so I would definitely endorse it. And just so you know I don’t normally endorse things or products easily. They have to earn that respect from me. I’m an integrity guy. I spent 20 years in the service of law enforcement so, to me the integrity, ethics, the intention behind things has to be really really clean… has to be a way for me to say to you, “This is worth your time and this is worth the money that you’re going to invest in it for you to be able to move forward with it.” And I can say that confidently.”
~ Rodger Ruge

Business Owner

“I use MindFlavors® daily for several purposes in my business with intending all my next moves.  Once I saw results I knew this tool was different than any other tool I have ever used before.  My business has grown and I have 25% more clients in just a short time of using it daily.  I feel intense brain activity when I am watching MindFlavors® in the morning when I first wake up.  This seems it can really help with all types of situations.  I can’t wait to do other flavors in the future.  I recommend MindFlavors® to any open minded non-ego driven person in the world.” UPDATE AFTER 2 YEARS AND STILL GOING STRONG: “not for nothing bro but i leaned on "Mastering Money Flow" to get rid of my mindset of MCA industry being slow and i have had the best month this year… thank you my brother. I SO LOVE MINDFLAVORS®.
~ David Ross

Real people after watching MindFlavors® for 30 and 60 days.

➤➤➤  Notice how each person transforms over time.

Brandy describes her experience after watching MindFlavors® "Mastering Money Flow" for only 60 days.

“On day 4 things just brightened up! I do feel more relaxed around money. I can say my book of business has increased… as far as consultations and new referrals. And the second month was my biggest month ever for my business as far as money in the bank” ~ Dr. Brandy McCans (Chiropractor & Wellness Coach)

Rodger describes his experience after watching MindFlavors® "Powerful Beyond Measure" for only 30 days.

“This is unlike anything I have every experienced before. I have this very nice full body peacefulness that’s come over me. Frankly, I’m really excited. This was a really incredible experience!” ~ Rodger Ruge (Retired Police Detective)

Dawn describes her experience after watching MindFlavors® "Mastering Money Flow" for only 30 days.

“Wow! Wow! That’s it. That’s all I can say is wow! Four minutes of pure pleasure.
It's quick, it's easy, and it works. What more could you possibly want?" ~ Dawn McMillan, MA, CHT (Change Agent)

Jeff describes his experience after watching MindFlavors® "Instant Calming Relief" for only 30 days.

"I have more energy... also my mood has improved... and I've had less irritability I think since starting this...My communication skills seem to have gotten a little bit better... Absolutely I would recommend it to other people... This program seems to me to have a lot of good potential..." ~ Jeff Shannon (Psychologist and Police Officer)

➤➤➤  Revolutionizing the way we focus and manifest!

 100% Exclusive Original Product Guarantee. 

We guarantee this is an original one of a kind life-changing product that you won't find anywhere else in the world!  MindFlavors® is an officially registered trademark of Prosperity Global, LLC.  All rights are reserved.

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MindFlavors® Infinity - Enjoying Ideal Body Weight
All MindFlavors® products are digital downloads available for you to use immediately!  Each product includes one (1) revolutionary MindFlavors® video and the Quick Start Guide to get you started on the right track.  Enjoy the journey!   IMPORTANT:   Because of the strobe-like effects in this product, those who are epileptic should not use MindFlavors®.